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Music Tuition

Piano Lessons:

  • Piano lessons are available for children and adults of all abilities.
  • Each lesson is tailored to suit the individual, whether studying for exams, or simply learning the piano for pure enjoyment.
  • Performance assessment is enhanced by lesson recordings, used for prosperity and as a valuable learning aid.
  • Lessons are held in Whitley Bay, but can be arranged in your home as well, if within suitable distance.

Keyboard Lessons:

  • Fast becoming a very popular instrument, keyboards now play a major part in the music of the 21st century.
  • Learn for enjoyment, continue where school lessons finished, learn for music technology.
  • Explore the wealth of music creativity available when playing one of today's modern keyboards.
  • Bring your own keyboard, so that your lessons are maximised on the keyboard of your choice.
  • An ideal first step into the world of music technology.

Theory Tuition:

  • Learn the rudiments and theory of music - the catalyst behind your musical abilities.
  • Progress your way to ABRSM Grade 5 in order to further your playing skills.
  • Continue to Grade 8 and learn music composition, harmony, structure, form and history.
  • Unique online theory support available.

Music Technology:

  • Take your first steps into the world of music technology with sequencing, recording and notation.
  • Sequencing: Learn to produce MIDI files and explorer the world of music in computer technology.
  • Recording: Learn to record, process and mix audio - creating music and song for CD or MP3.
  • Notation: Learn how use professional notation programs and how to score and arrange works.

For Further Information: www.tuition.ridgwick.com